This is going to be short, because I'm sitting here after the walk from hell with a passed out babe in a Moby Wrap sweating on my chest. Little man has been in the stroller, the Bjorn, the bouncy seat and finally the Moby calmed him down. That and me doing 5000 squats while feeding him a bottle trying to soothe him to sleep.

G just finished jumping/crying himself to sleep in his crib. He squirmed and cried throughout our entire walk. Nothing made him happy. Not bankie, not his sippy, not even a cracker.

Some days I think children conspire to be absolutely insane. I think they're testing me.

So, with them both down, I'm going to try to take a much needed shower. Just hoping the babe doesn't wake up as I'm untangling us from the Moby.

This week, I lost. And not just my mind. I didn't lose as much poundage as I thought I would, but a I lost a little, and I'm okay with that.

This weeks results:

Starting Weight: 178.8
This Week's Weight: 177.6

As an aside, I'm reading Jillian Michaels 'Master Your Metabolism' and it's scaring the poo out of me. I'll give a synopsis when I'm done, I'm still trying to decide if the diet is something I could do. It seems really intensive and crazy.

Okay, off to shower I go.

And oh yeah...



Brooke said...

congrats on the loss - this is hard enough without having living things depending on you!! i don't know how you mom's do it!

imadramamama said...

GO BLUE!!! Great job, Heather!

april said...

Okay, first. Let me know when you're done with Jillian's book and tell me what you think! Second, great job!!!

codeladybug said...

Congrats on the loss...and keeping your sanity with the kids! I'm interested to hear about Jillians book..after I'm done shredding, thinking of trying Fat Boosting Metabolism workout.

Keep up the good work Heather!!