Normal (My Version)

Today was my last day as a mama of two. Well, surrogate mama of one, real mama of one.

I just took the extra car seat base out of my car. Packed up all the little baby toys. The baby recliner (bouncy seat) is back precariously perched in the eaves of the garage.

The moby wrap is in the washer. The bottle warmer is boxed up and shoved to a back kitchen shelf.

Tomorrow, it's back to me and G-man. We're going to Stroller Strides in the morning and then decorating a Father's Day craft in the park.

G gets Mama all to himself.

Since we've had an extra babe around, he has started pulling on my shirt and saying 'nurse'. He's kissing B and I on the lips and giving lots of hugs. He's talking up a a storm.

My little baby is...not a baby at all anymore.

The number one question I've been getting the last few weeks is: SO, ARE YOU READY FOR NUMBER TWO?

And I have a few answers:

1) EFF NO.
2) Are you talking about poop?
2) Sure, if you'll pay for my health insurance or lend - no GIVE, I don't want a loan - me the $20,000 so I can pay out of pocket for all my prenatal care and my C-Section. No, I am never attempting a VBAC. Sorry. NEVER.

It's not that Baby E was difficult, but having more than one doesn't just double the work. It's multiplies it by a thousand. Not only are there the physical needs to contend with, there are the emotional ones as well, and the guilt that one child is not getting enough attention/love/nurturing.

Will we EVER have another? Of course. Just not right this second.

Unless you really do want to insure me. Or write me a check for 20k. Then I'll reconsider.


Anonymous said...

Your #1 answer made me laugh! I was expecting something sweet and sentimental, like you were secretly pregnant and just now outing yourself.

The check's in the mail. You can name the baby after me.

april said...

Love your answers!!

Heck, I don't know if I'll ever be ready for #1!!!