I Broke My Scale. No. Really.

Today's my weekly weigh-in. I got up, peed (of course, that's an extra .25 pounds sometimes!), discarded every thread of clothing and stepped on the scale.

I looked down at my feet as the scale went from 120 to 153 to 83 and even up to around 200. It wouldn't stick anywhere (it is digital). Clearly, something was amiss.

I'd had this problem earlier in the week and had replaced the batteries. So I knew they should still work properly. I tried to recalibrate the scale. No dice.

At this point I'm pretty frustrated. How can I get my numbers in to my team? Ah, the Wii Fit!

Still undressed, I headed into the living room (yes, the blinds were closed) and hit the button on the Wii. I used it last night so I knew the disk was still there.



I texted B to ask where he'd put it - I was surprised he'd even taken it out, as he prefers his XBox to the Wii. But maybe he'd gotten bored and broken out the Mario Kart after I'd hit the sack last night.

But then I got to thinking. I'd seen G messing around in the cupboard where all the electronics are housed. Could he have taken the disk...no...not possible. How could he turn on the Wii, hit the eject, and pull out the disk? He's only 17 months old. That's a little complicated.

Never underestimate a toddler. I found the disk 45 minutes later when I picked up his blankie in the corner.

So, to make a long story longer, I weighed myself on the Wii. For the sake of accuracy, I took the amount lost on the Wii from last Wednesday and subtracted it from last week's scale weight.

Drumroll, please...

Starting Weight: 178.8
Last Week's Weight: 177.6
Today's Weight: 176.1

The Wii Fit saved the day!

And a new scale is on order from Amazon.

I am actually surprised I lost, the way I feel this morning. I'm heavy bodied, leaden. But I'll take it.

And no, I have not finished reading Master Your Metabolism, I'm ALMOST there. I just can't read as quickly these days. But, as a teaser, I'll tell you this:

Pretty much everything our food is packaged in is poison.
Soy milk is bad.
High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil.
Organic is the only food to be ingested.

Yeah, I'm being a little dramatic, but frankly, the book is scaring me. I don't know how realistic a diet it would be for me, but I will finish and give more serious and thorough synopsis.



Brooke said...

glad that you were able to improvise - congrats on the loss!

isn't it funny how sometimes we feel skinny when we've gained and feel heavy when we've lost??

karena said...

Heather -- just wondering, were you undressed the entire time you spent looking for the disk? LOL. And agreed -- never underestimate a toddler! Good job on the loss!

Heather D said...

hmmm. no comment ;)
just kidding, i did manage to throw a robe on!

april said...

Okay, first you have to know that Jillian is very, um, GREEN. So, while she does make valid points, and I love and MOSTLY follow her advice, I don't let her scare me. I do what I can when it comes to organics!

Next, GREAT job!!! And thank goodness for the Wii!

scheherazade315 said...

Great job! What great determination on getting that number!


Andrea said...

Great work! I'm impressed. Almost inspired, almost.

Heather said...

Good job Heather ;) Did Jillian say why no soy? It am pretty sure she has a thyroid issue (not sure if it is hyper or hypo)It is probably hyper since she is so fit and thin unless she is a lucky hypothyroid lady and is thin. You are not supposed to have soy when you have a thyroid problem. I know because I am hypothyroid. But other than the thyroid problem I don't see why no soy? Just curious.

Heather D said...

Soy apparently creates too much estrogen. Tofu is ok, but soy milk and soy meat products are too highly concentrated apparently.

megant599 said...

Congrats on the continued loss!! YAY!

I'm going to look into the mediterranean (spell check PLEASE!!!) food pyramid (i won't say diet becuase it sounds too faddy) because I heard it has lots of olive oil and parmesan. MMM