Effing Today Show

A few weeks ago one my my friends (hi Melissa) told me about this nifty little water table they'd picked up for their daughter.

This is it. It is awesome. AWE. SOME. I think I may even enjoy playing with it more than the little man.

Well, I've been busy the last few weeks but had been meaning to go grab one for our little oasis (I am now referring to our backyard as the 'oasis' as we are relegated to it and only it this year. No vacations for us).

This brings me to this morning. I had the Today Show on in the background as I was bouncing on the exercise ball attempting to lull the littler man to sleep.

And they did a feature on summer toys. And one of the toys...you guessed it...MY WATER TABLE. Um. I mean G'S WATER TABLE.

And I knew it was ON. Now, we weren't talking featured on Oprah proportions, because if it's on Oprah, I know there is no chance I'm getting my mitts on one. But the Today show has a big audience. Lots of SAHMs.

It's Matt Lauer. I know it is. He is FOINE. Ahem.

At this point I know I've got to make the purchase today. There is a Toys r' Us between the littler man's home and ours.

At 11:30 I dropped the littler man with his mama, and sped up to the Toys r' Us. Straight to the summer toys. And there is a woman standing in front of where the toy is supposed to be. I hear her talking to a clerk who says they sold out this morning, but Target carries them.

And I'm off running to my car. There is a Target just down the road. I'm totally getting there before that lady.

Pull into Target. Unload child. Secure him in cart. Run.

And they're all sold out.

DUDE. I asked a clerk if he could check availability in other local stores.

There are THREE he says at a store about 20 minutes north. My friend Melissa (see above) lives there.

Do I email her to pick one up? Am I that LAME?

I think we all know the answer to that question.

She graciously agrees to hit that Target. I, in the meantime, call them to have them put one on hold. And I am informed their stock is incorrect.

They have sold out.

I am crushed.

Yes, I know I can order one online. But I'm not that into paying for shipping and waiting. Because round these parts, sun is very fleeting. In fact, we may have had the bulk of our nice weather already.

So tomorrow, I'm setting my mom on the case. Because if there is one to be found in the vicinity of Western Washington (and probably lower British Columbia and the Portland area), my mom will find it for her grandson.

Evil? Maybe. But I'm kind of obsessed.


My Regular Voice said...

I wonder if ours are sold out too because I've seen them, but my son is only 2 months old, so I figured maybe one day when he is older. They are pretty cool. I hope you get one. I know how it is when you become obsessed with the hunt. 2 Christmases ago I was calling and running around to every store that sold the DS. I finally found a white one even though I needed pink on Christmas eve. My husband became obsessed with me. It was a hoot. Good luck!!

Heather said...

You totally crack me up!

megant599 said...

OMG SO funny. I got one of those for a friend's 1yr old and I was feeling all insecure that maybe it wasn't all that cool of a gift. If Matt suggested it, then I guess I can rest assured:) WIsh we lived closer so I could go on the hunt too!

april said...

I'd do the SAME thing for my nephew. For real.

Melissa said...

You are too funny! I've been there and totally understand. Once I decide that I want to buy something, I want it NOW. That's how I was with the BOB and I even drove to Bellingham for it! Well, I hope your mom had some luck hunting one down - they really are great (sorry to rub salt in the wounds). But I know you'll have one soon - one way or another! Damn Matt Lauer. Good luck!