Here I Go Again (Not) On My Own

I'm on board for another Sisterhood Challenge.

This time we're on teams (GO TEAM BLUE). I'm so excited to have a mini support group. And others to be accountable to.

So, I'm keeping this post short as banging on my keyboard is not helping the little gentleman to my right sleep. And I really need for him to nap. Stroller Strides was a DISASTER! What was I thinking? But I did get a little much needed exercise.

So, here are the stats:

Starting Weight: 178.8

Goal Weight (for this challenge): 168



Waist: 35" (WTF? Am I measuring wrong?)

Hips: 42" (Sir Mixalot just popped into my head. Except for me, it's 'Not so little in the middle AND she's got much back!)




Brooke said...

lol @ your bust measurement and sir mixalot! :P

mine is none of your business - but only because its so small!

imadramamama said...

LOL! I heard Sir Mixalot at a restaurant/bar the other day and I totally started singing and dancing.

You know what, we are going to rock this challenge. GO BLUE!

Heather said...

How long does this challenge last? When does the next one start? I am thinking I will join one when I am ready. I need the accountability. ;) Good luck. I can't wait till the next Biggest Loser in the Fall. I like to watch it when I am trying to lose weight it motivates me. I didn't watch it last time since I was growin a baby :0

Heather D said...

Heather - this one is just starting and it's seven weeks. I bet you could hop on the next one. But let yourself have some time after baby is born. Your body needs time to heal and readjust! I will let you know when the next one is, though :)

april said...

I love your post title, and your bust measurement and sir mixalot. Heck, I love the whole post! ;o)

Good luck this challenge!

And, because you're Thea's teammate and she talked smack. You get this...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You better look out
TEAM BLACK is coming after YOU.


Heather said...

Don't worry about me H. I will let my body heal and adjust and let the breastmilk come in nicely before doing anything :) I thought these challenges were more like 12 weeks...We will see if I am up for the next one ;)