Made It.

I wanted to say something about Father's Day yesterday, but darn it all if I just couldn't force my brain into writing mode, much less my fingers into typing mode.

I was so tired last night I actually sat and watched one of the crappiest movies I've ever seen. Babylon A.D. Sorry Vin Diesel, but you owe me an hour and a half of my life back.

Our extended house guests left at about 10 am yesterday. That left me with about 5 hours to re-clean the house and cook before our second wave of guests arrived for Father's Day.

Suffice it to say, at 2:50 I was on my hands and knees on the kitchen floor wiping it down by hand because for some reason I thought that would be quicker than mopping. It wasn't. Duh.

Luckily I had chosen uncomplicated food (barbecued hamburgers) so the rest of the afternoon was pretty smooth. And I am blessed with a helpful sister-in-law and step-mother-in-law who actually help with cleanup. God bless 'em. Because if I had to do one more kitchen cleanup by myself this week, I'd probably be in the mental ward this morning.

I am so pleased I even made it through this entire weekend. I'm such a baby. I don't know why I find things like house guests so stressful.

All in all, I think Father's Day went well. I think B had a good time. It was the first Father's Day he's spent with his Dad in years. Seeing B's Dad running around with his grandkids was fabulous. He just radiates happiness when he's with them.

So, this week's goal is to get back into a schedule. Poor G is teething AGAIN and is just struggling. He needs some structure. I need it too.

And then, hopefully, I can write about something other than losing my mind.


Melissa said...

You made it! I kept meaning to comment on your previous posts, but would then get distracted. Can you imagine? I totally understand how you feel about houseguests, I'm the same way. My home is my sanctuary and I like things a certain way and when it is not calm in my home, I am not calm. Chaos totally stresses me out. If it's my own chaos, I'm fine. I just don't want anyone else's. And it doesn't help when you are already slammed taking care of G, to then have to take care of a bunch of other people because they can't figure out how to be a proper guest and help. How frustrating. I'm glad everything is over with and now you can move on. Go do something nice for yourself as a treat. You've worked hard.

Ann said...

You made it through the weekend and I call that success! Keep this week mellow and you'll get that routine back for you and G. Good job!!