I joined Twitter.

I have been avoiding it for ages. But the power of Twitter compelled me and now I've done gone and drunk the Kool Aid.

Thoughts so far? Well, first of all, I think I am WAY to boring to do that many updates. I have a hard enough time coming up with something to blog about most days. I mean, what do I say? I just washed my hair? My kid just fell off of the coffee table for the fifth time today? I think my cat is bulimic? (I'm serious about that. I think she is. She eats and eats then pukes it all up. I swear I saw her sticking her fluffy paw down her throat.)

Secondly, I'm guessing Twitter is becoming uncool now that someone like me has joined. Like Facebook isn't as cool now that everyone's grandma has joined. Or when that underground band sells out and goes mainstream and just isn't as cool anymore. I'm usually late to the party. So I'd say rating things by when I catch on is a pretty good gauge.

So we'll see how this pans out. Since I don't have a mobile device with Internet, I'm guessing my tweets will be fairly infrequent.

Which is most likely good, cause I don't want to bore anyone to death.

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Ann said...

I joined Facebook, too -- a few months ago and I'm finding I'm on it more than I thought I would be...strange how something so simple could be so addicting! I'm not into Twitter...just don't have enough time or interesting stuff to say to do that one!
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