Another List Because My Brain Can't Manage Full Thoughts

Observations on Day Two.

1) Day two with two crumb crunchers was much easier than day one.

2) I do not take today's relative smoothness for granted. I know all hell could break loose tomorrow. Or the next day.

3) I now have no idle time during the day. If G is down, then E is up. If they're both down (has happened once), I had better be doing dishes, trying to eat something and going to the bathroom. And yes, I might have to eat something WHILE going to the bathroom. Multitasking, people!

4) I now know what it is like to care for a wearable baby. G was not a wearable infant. He flat out refused. So now, I'm rocking the Moby Wrap and it really works. That is the ONLY way E will fall asleep. Problem is, it's hotter than Hades and we're sweating all over each other.

5) G is handling this much better than I'd even hoped for. That nurse was SO WRONG. He is always bringing the baby toys, offering him crackers and actually cried today when we dropped E off at home. How sweet is that?

6) I am going to be completely crazy tomorrow and try to take both little dudes to Stroller Strides. Clearly the heat and my lack of exercise is affecting my judgment.

7) And on the topic of strollers, my Phil and Ted's is AWESOME! I took the wee gentlemen out for a walk today and it was a dream.

8) The Laurie Berkner Band has this album, Rocketship Run, that always calmed G down and lulled him to sleep in the car. And he was a really bad car infant. As in, I could never come to a complete stop. If I saw a red light approaching, I'd break out in a sweat. Well, apparently E is also bad in the car, and was crying this afternoon, but as soon as I popped in the CD, HE FELL ASLEEP. It is a magic CD. MAGIC!

9) I am learning to do the whole cloth diaper thing. It's not so bad. The wraps actually make it pretty simple.

10) I don't have anything to say here, but I feel the need to fill this list out to ten. So there. TEN. DONE. NIGHT!

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shannonjason said...

I love your blog - you make me laugh =) I left you a little something over on my blog today - check it out!