Better today, thank goodness.

I've been feeling like a bit of a downer. Today, I focused on being more positive. Actually, I started making a conscious effort last night.

My in laws came over and watched G last night while we went to the Mariner's game. Can I just say how much joy it brings me to see B's dad dote on my child? It's awesome. B and his dad haven't had much of a relationship for years, but over the last year, there's been a lot of healing.

It is so wonderful how a child can bring a family together, mend fences, build bridges. All those things.

So B and I were able to enjoy and evening at the ballpark, child free. We kept on asking each other - how would G be if he were here right now. Then we'd laugh together, and agree, he'd be CRAZY.

The roof was closed on the ballpark last night, but it wasn't cold. You could feel the moisture in the air and it just smelled fresh. At a ballpark. Funny. I'm guessing because it hasn't rained here in ages. We needed a cleansing rain.

Sometimes a little rain can help to wash away life's troubles and worries.

And it made me worry less about the fact my house looks like it was the site of a demolition derby.

When we arrived at home last night, we were regaled with all the genius things our child did while we were away (I'm wasn't joking - they called him a perfect angel. heh.). G was up, but not crazy tired, and went down for me easily, but not before jabbering on for a few minutes as I rocked and nursed him, about his night with his Grandpa.

Day started out rough, but ended just right.

Love it when that happens.

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