What Are They Going to Call It Now?

I want to talk about something happy today. I had the best intentions.

And then I go and watch my DVR'd episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight...


I was in tears. For reals. I don't know why I'm so emotional. If I wasn't sure I couldn't be pregnant, I'd be buying an EPT. And if I am, I'm suing Mirena.

I won't go on about THAT show, because I think it's just all around tragic. All I'm going to say is:

a) I think Kate has always had her controlling personality.
b) Clearly Jon has changed and is having some kind of early mid-life crisis. The hair plugs somehow affected his brain.
c) Yes, Jon, she isn't very nice to you, but maybe you should have taken that into account before you FATHERED EIGHT CHILDREN WITH HER.

Okay, done.

Except...did you get a load of the ice on Jon's ears? I wonder if he's gone out and gotten a tribal armband tattoo and motorcycle? Oh yeah, check on the motorcycle. Orange County Choppers hooked him up.

Okay, now I'm REALLY done.

It's becoming obvious that I watch entirely too much television. I was thinking about maybe not watching for a spell.

But then I remembered So You Think You Can Dance. And True Blood. And The Next Food Network Star.

Maybe I'll just stop watching TLC.

Yeah, that's the ticket...


Melissa said...

I was hoping that you would write about this. I was in tears too. C thought I was crazy, but by the end he was holding my hand. Cute. The ice was killing me. It's funny because I have 4 different friends on FB who all updated their status with questions about his earrings. It's funny that the same things get us all going. It's such a sad situation.

Anonymous said...

It really is sad. Yes, it appears that Jon is going through some sort of identity crisis...but Kate is no angel. I'm just sayin'

Did you hear TLC halted production?

And now on to more important issues...who are you liking for So You Think You Can Dance?

The Mama - aka Heather said...

Oh no, Kate is not very nice, but she's always been that way. It's like he's surprised or something...

I think I'm going to do a weekly on SYTYCD. I LOVE IT.

Right now, love love love Kayla, Randi and Evan.

Andrea said...

Who are these people?

Andrea said...

And for everyone who doesn't know I am incapable of a serious comment, yes, I know who they are.

Heather said...

I watched it too. I never watch that show, but did that night. R was like why are you watching this? It is like a train wreck no matter how awful it is you have to keep watching. Totally sad. And I did notice his earrings. I had to rewind it so I could show R how stupid he looked! Money sure is the root of the evil in my opinion. Trailer park Kate and beach bum Jon went from poor to well off and forgot what was important.

Andrea I love you!

Zakary said...

Dude, I Tivo'ed the damn show on Monday and then sat up watching it. It seriously depressed me. I think Kate is a train wreck, but I genuinely felt sorry for her.

But then I remembered she has EIGHT muthscratching kids and is making mad bucks off of them and I got over it.

I honestly think Jon just cracked under the pressure and is turning into some sort of gigantic douche. I think she really is torn up about it.

I cannot quit this bitch of a show.