There are very few things I miss about working outside the home. I don't miss the commute. I don't miss the politics.

But something I do miss is that feeling of weekend anticipation. You know. It's about 3:00 pm on a Friday, and you having that feeling...freedom is only an hour or two away. The office becomes much more laid back, people are stopping by, chit-chatting about weekend plans, or lack thereof.

Being home all the time, it seems like everything has just melded into one solid week. Some may say that it's like being off work all the time.

I say it's like WORKING all of the time.

It may sound odd, but I find myself jealous when I go on Facebook and see all of my working friends proclaiming T.G.I.F.!

What is my T.G.I.F.? Is it T.G.T.L.D. (Thank God the Laundry is Done!) or T.G.G.I.N.F. (Thank God G is Napping Finally)? Maybe T.G.I.G.T.B.T. (Thank God I Get to Bathe Today)!

What's YOUR T.G.I.F.?


Anonymous said...

Heather -- I so had to laugh at this, because I feel the same way! I'm a SAHM, homeschooling mom, which means there is not a second that I'm awake when I'm not "at work." My husband came home from work this afternoon saying, "ahhh, I really need a break this weekend. I really need to get away from it all!"

I didn't slap him aside the head, although it occurred to me. When is my time to "get away from it all?" When the youngest enters college?

Right now, for me, it's TGIGMYCT -- Thank God I Get My Hair Cut Tomorrow -- because it's the only time of the week, besides waking up an hour early to shred that I get to myself!

Heather D said...

I'm cutting my hair tomorrow too. That is definitely something to look forward to...someone washing my hair...ahhhh!

Melissa said...

As a WAHM, I totally hear you. When I'm not working, it's kiddo time and when it's not kiddo time, it's work time. But let me tell you why I look forward to Saturday - I have declared the first half of Saturday as "Mommy's Morning Out". So every Saturday, I wake up early, do a little cleaning and then head out to do whatever I want to do until about 11:30 or so. It feels so good to get out and just have me time. I get recharged and it gives A special time with her daddy. Plus, C actually looks forward to it. It's a win win.