Die, Ford, DIE!

I'm about ready to go postal.

Last week I called the local Ford Dealership to take my car in for what I was LED TO BELIEVE would be warranty work. Because, according to the mechanic - I mean - service advisor, Ford has had lots of trouble with the transmission cooler that was factory installed in 2008 Escapes. IT'S A FAULTY PART.

I just got a call from the service advisor.

"Um, yeah, you're just past the warranty period, so, yeah, it's not covered.'

Me. Staying calm. "How much are we talking about?"

"Well, the part is, uh, $384 and then labor is around $500, so, um, $871."

"So you're telling me that I'm just a skotch past the warranty, it's a FAULTY PART, and I still have to pay. By the way, I WAS LAID OFF. I am unemployed."

"Yes. It's not the transmission, which is covered to 50 thousand. But if you don't fix it your transmission will be ruined."




1) Should I keep driving it as is to ruin the transmission so the #$#&@ Powertrain warranty will cover it?

2) Am I totally getting screwed because I have a vagina?

3) This bullpoo would have NEVER happened with my Hyundai. I miss my Hyundai. Tear...

And they wonder why American car companies are failing? Really? REALLY?

So Ford people, if you're reading this, step it up.

But who am I kidding?

Groceries are nice, but I'll be fixing my 2008, just past the warranty, car.

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