Busy Bee

Today was busy. And productive.

Let me tell you, I needed it. I had so many started but not finished projects. Did you know that starting a bunch of things that you never finish is a symptom of A.D.H.D.? Fortunately for me, I'm naturally super lazy, so I guess I can rule out the A.D.H.D. and chalk it up to lack of motivation.

Anyhow, I was saying. Lots to do. Like the garden. And recovering the seats for our patio set. And getting myself prepared to care for a four month old for two weeks. My girlfriend Bethany is a teacher and is going back for the last two weeks of school so I get to take care of her adorable little chubster, E.

I've finished the garden and the seats are halfway covered (two down, two to go).

But how do you prepare to care for a second child? I've kind of blocked out taking care of G at four months old. I remember is the only way napping occurred involved me laying on the bed with him FOR THE ENTIRE NAP.

And the gas. Oy. The GAS!

And the constant breastfeeding/pumping. Now, I can just give him a cracker or some banana if he's hungry. But a four month old? You're heating up bottles, you're feeding the bottles, you're burping after the bottles...

I need a nap just thinking about it!

So tomorrow will be interesting. I'm excited to see how G reacts to having a baby in the house. More importantly, I'm interested to see how I handle two. Frankly, I'm terrified.

In the meantime, if I'm posting less frequently, it's because I'm passed out on the living room floor at 7:00 p.m. or crying in the fetal position amidst all my undone laundry...

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