I Have A Stroller & Am Not Afraid to Use It.

One of my oldest friends, Bethany, and I met up at the mall yesterday.

We've been trying to meet up fairly regularly now that she's out on maternity leave. Her little dude is just three months old. G likes to point at him and scream 'BeeeeBeee!' He also likes to grab his chubby cheeks and try poke out his eyes. Yes, we're still working on gentle. It's not quite sinking in.

I cannot stress how important it is to try to get out of the house when you have a small infant. I WISH someone would have told me to get out of the maternity sweats, wash your face and put on some mascara. We're going out!

And it really doesn't matter where. Just getting out of the cocoon is the point.

Bethany is doing much better than I did. I literally would not leave my house for a week at a time. I wouldn't go so far as to say I had Postpartum Depression. I'd call it Postpartum 'there is no way I'm leaving this house while I'm leaking milk, breaking out, carrying 40 pounds of residual baby weight with an infant who won't stop screaming and hates being in the car seat.' Yeah, that about sums it up.

Suffice it to say I'm happy she's doing so well.

So there we were, navigating our strollers around the mall on a Friday afternoon. It's fascinating to me how many people are at the mall on weekdays. I mean, now I'm one of them. But back when I was working full time I thought the malls were deserted during the work week. Not so.

I really wanted to find eyebrow scissors (I'm teaching myself to groom my own eyebrows - possibly a recipe for disaster), so we popped into Sephora.

In my former, child-unencumbered life, Sephora was like my idea of Heaven. Stuff to sniff, crazy awesome make-up, products I didn't know I needed but suddenly would die without. It's like a crack den for a product junkie.

I have come to realize, though, that apparently Sephora (and many other retailers) don't want mothers of infants to purchase their wares.

Why this conclusion? Because they make their aisles so small, there is no possible way to get a stroller through. It was like bumper strollers.

We finally found the eyebrow scissors, which I decided were a little expensive for my taste ($18 for tiny little scissors I'll probably lose... no thanks!). They were CONVENIENTLY located in the back of the store.

After again bumping every single object in my path, I was nearly out the entrance. The only thing in my way were two teenage girls, doing their makeup for free, literally hanging out of their shorts that required bikini waxes.

'Excuse me.'

'EXCUSE me.'


Three times I asked. Three times ignored.

So I proceeded to steer the mammoth stroller directly towards them.

And they moved.

I looked over to Bethany who I've know since we were 12. 'Were we ever like that?'

'No way.'

And we laughed. Because we totally were.

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Andrea said...

OK, don't be too hard on yourself. Now after 3 babies I totally see why I hid inside with the first one. Some babies don't like the car or the stroller and I'd rather bang my head on a cement wall than force them to be in either one of them. OK, maybe that is over dramatic but seriously, some babies are just easier to get out of the house with. AND, some people leak more than others ;)