Much Needed

Tomorrow, we leave for Kauai for one week. Considering the events of late and how the weather around here has taken a turn for the awful, I am SO ready.

Um. Well, not physically ready. I haven't packed. I'm kind of freaking out about how we're going to manage all the luggage and the toddler.

I'll go start packing...


Okay, back. It's sixteen hours later. I'm a slow mover. And meticulous about packing. But it's done. We rented a car to take to the airport so we don't have to pay for parking. We'll just drop that bad boy off and be done with it.

The car is bright blue and the size of a tic tac. A four door tic tac.

I took the advice of several friends (don't you just love Facebook?) and decided not to be a hero. I'm checking a bag. G and I are all neatly packed into a bag that weighs 45.7 pounds (oh yes, I weighed it - no surprises at check in, please).

Carry on consists of: snacks, books, coloring pads, those genius markers that only write on certain paper, crayons, stickers, extra clothes in case of a pooptastrophe...

Omigod, I ALMOST forgot diapers. What that hell is wrong with me.

Bed. To bed. Tomorrow morning I drop our hellhounds at the kennel. I will get a massive coffee. And hopefully a shower.

And then, noonish, off to the airport and hopefully blue skies and warm beaches.

Damn, at this point I'd take rain, as long as it's 80. And not here.

In conclusion, this sums up how I feel about my vacation:

Mahalo, my friends!


~Mendie~ said...

Safe travels my friend! Oh and we are all totally jealous!

Anonymous said...

I love you, which makes what I'm about to say O.K.

You're a jerk.

Have an amazing time!!