Home Sweet Home

We're back.

We've been back a few days, actually. The dogs are back from the kennel. Load after load of laundry is done. Summer clothes are put away.

Kauai was GORGEOUS. Relaxing? Well, it was our first experience traveling with a toddler. Let's just say I could have used a prescription for Valium. At least for the first flight. Cause seriously? I just about lost it. I spent the entire six hours trying to keep the G-Rex from kicking the back of the seat in front of him. Yes, he is that tall. He could reach. The seat in front was empty, but you know how the whole row is connected. So the whole row feels the kicking.

And let's just say the couple in front of us was not pleased. Okay, I can't blame them, really. But OH! how I tried to keep my child in line. I don't think they understood that it could have been MUCH MUCH worse. As in dog whistle screeching. Crying on takeoff and landing.

Instead, the dude in front of me gave me the stink eye every single chance he had. Looking back, I should have just let the kiddo kick the hell out of the seat. Because either way, the guy was going to be an ass.


There was that.
And other than THAT, our vacation was incredible. We didn't do anything terribly special, but we had a few date nights, I got some quality reading time in, got some sun and we had the chance to spend time with my parents, whom we haven't seen a whole lot these past few months.

I had a chance to decompress, and now I feel like our life and our little family is getting back to normal.

Normal is good. I missed it!

Now? I'm in post vacation let down but luckily, I have Christmas preparations to throw myself into. Granted, I'm not a huge Christmas fan, but I'm going to try this year. I PROMISE.


april said...

Love the pics!

And I hate rude people on planes. What an bunghole.

Andrea said...

Naomi kicked the guy in front of her a whole 5 hour flight when she was 16 months old. That was the last time I'll bring a car seat onto the plane because it gets them up high enough to kick that seat! And the guy in front was not impressed with her kicking but I am pretty sure he was even uglier when I had to KEEP asking him to put his seat up so it wasn't crushing her legs.

When my niece was 18 months old the lady next to her was REALLY rude. To the point she was saying something about how Mattie shouldn't have been born. THankfully Mattie had the good idea to throw up on the lady. Maybe you could coach G on that one next time.

The plane ride may have been terrible but you look good :)

~Mendie~ said...

Welcome back-you have been missed! great pictures-it looks beautiful!

Money Jenny said...

Dude, you look good!

When we went to Hawaii, my Ex and I--married at the time--traveled on separate flights (long story) and I heard that my son was like that the whole flight. Luckily, I was on that other plane. :) Best was to do it, apparently.

Anonymous said...
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*Lissa* said...

You are so hot. For real.

It looks amazing! So glad you enjoyed yourself.