Soooo Close. So Close.

I am so terrible at blogging lately. I need a more interesting life, seriously.

We had a truly lovely Christmas. Mellow and cozy, just wonderful. We stayed home, G-Rex opened his presents and played ALL DAY. He was the most enthralled with a fire engine - we picked it out last week on our shopping date. What we failed to realize is that it makes a siren noise. In fact, it sounds very real. So real, that when B was stoking our illegal Christmas fire (burn bans - boo!) and G-Rex set off the siren for the first time, we freaked out.

You know I won't be replacing that battery when it dies.

On Boxing Day (for those of you not familiar, the day after Christmas), we traveled north to my parents house.

I was looking forward to seeing my parents, of course, but kind of dreading seeing one particular family member who has a knack for always saying something completely rude and offensive, usually about my weight.

I dread seeing her so much that I have actually seen her in the grocery store and hidden. I know. I'm awful.

So, we made it through dinner and presents and were saying goodbye. I couldn't believe I'd made it through an entire family gathering without some kind of comment.

But, I wouldn't be telling this story if there was no comment. That would be no fun.

'Have you lost weight?'

'Yes, actually. I've been running.'

'Oh, how much have you lost?'

'About 20 pounds.'

'I'm so happy. Keep it up.'

We're fine to this point. Then it goes very wrong:

'Good, good! You used to be so beautiful when you were thin.'

Sucker punch. How do you respond to that?

'Um, thanks?'

But in my head I was doing a roundhouse kick to the head.


Andrea said...

I'm DYING! Who is that? Who says that? You used to be pretty? What did you say? You should definitely calmly tell her she is being rude and insensitive. Or just smack her.

Ms. Diva said...

Oh good heavens!! Do these people even hear themselves speak? My body (bigger then before kids) produced four beautiful, healthy, intelligent children. So, it's bigger then it used to be, I can live with that!

~Mendie~ said...

What a interesting comment, sounds like something my family would say....like oh keep it up, you'll get there!

I think you are pretty now....and I hope you stuck your tongue out at them!

Heather D said...

It's my step-grandmother. She's also said things like 'you had such nice legs before you gained weight'.


I said 'Oh, thank you'. I was honestly a little stunned.

april said...

My grandmother is like that. She told me when I was 9 that I looked like I had grown wider. I cried.

You're beautiful no matter what size you are because you're you. The End.

Christie O. said...

ugh, why why why!! i really think it's that generation. my grandma tortured me in this way too. i always dreaded "the comment" and wondered when it would come. i don't care anymore. you shouldn't either! you should shock her with something about how awesome your husband thinks you are in the yada yada yada.. hahaha!

30 Days of Fun said...

OMG!! What a crappy thing to say! Where are the manners! Seriously Heather you should of smacked him/her!! You are beautiful no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes old people just don't realize what they are saying. I'm sorry you have to deal with that!!