The Post Office Made Me Cry

Did you know that you can't ship a teensy little bottle of cologne via USPS Priority?

Well, I didn't.

So, after waiting in line for half an hour at the Post Office, with G-Rex in full destructo mode (by this I mean I picked up a million return receipt and customs slips, which were SO CONVENIENTLY placed right in toddler reach) , I made it to the front of the line. I was completely prepared - package taped up tight and addressed, everything in order. The postal worker lady asked me if I had anything fragile.

'Yes, just a bottle of cologne, but it should be okay, it's in bubble wrap.'

'Oh, you're going to have to take that out.'


Come to find out perfume/cologne can't go on airplanes. I called UPS and they wouldn't do it either. I wonder how Sephora and Macy's ship fragrance? They must have a special license or something.

So, here I was, a sweaty mess, but SO VERY CLOSE to having most of my Christmas tasks done - I just needed to ship gifts up to my brother and his girlfriend in Alaska.

Now I need a Plan B. And a tranquilizer. I totally cried when I got into the car. So frustrating.

So, two lessons learned today:

1) Do not take a toddler to the post office unless you want a full upper body workout and a nervous breakdown.

2) Honesty is not always the best policy. If I hadn't said anything, my package would be on it's merry little way to Alaska. Take note, kids.


Andrea said...

So, I ship glue. I always say "no". I'm not sure if that is technically correct but I don't want to find out...

Karena said...

Nothing worse than having to wait patiently in line with kids. Except waiting in line with no results! Feeling your frustration, girl!

Christie O. said...

ugh i cannot TELL YOU GIRL how much i hate going to the post office with the kids! it's worse than any other place in the world with kids!!!! i always leave all sweatyfaced and stressed out.

i'm sorry. i feel your pain. yes, i hate to say it, but i lie too. wah!

Ms. Diva said...

Actually since it was bubblewrapped - it wasn't fragile. So, it wouldn't have been a lie! Nope, nothing fragile here!! :)

~Mendie~ said...

that is insane....and now you have me wondering about the online shops too!

Brooke said...

the post office line here is crazy. i can't imagine what would happen if i stood in that line just to hear them say "sorry"

audrey @ the lewis 4 said...

Only because I used to sell AVON I know that they ship fragrance via UPS with special ORM-D/hazmat labeling. But I'll be perfectly honest and admit that I have shipped fragrance Priority Mail and wrapped it in bubble wrap and lied. Yes, I just lie. Hopefully the post office doesn't track me down from my comment and send me to federal jail now...

ZDub said...

Girl, my husband is a UPS driver and people ship GUNS. In boxes that say, "Guns".

I think your little cologne would have been fine.

I hate the post office.