Now I'm Somebody

Today, I reached a milestone - albeit creepy.

I got my first porn spammer comment. I deleted it. Though a badge of honor, I thought I probably didn't want my site linking through hers.

I'm guessing it was either from the title of my blog, or from the expletives in comments from my friends. Or just dumb luck. I mean, how did they know I was into underage Asian girls? I KID, I KID.

Now I'm waiting for hater comments. That will be a grand day. When people care enough about what you're writing to actually get pissed off, well, that's saying something.

On another note, my blood pressure is at normal levels today. As suggested by many, I communicated with that certain person who did me oh so wrong, and SHE TOTALLY DIDN'T GET IT. I wasn't subtle. I said I forgive her, but I also explained why I was upset and that what she did was wrong.

But I guess since I said the word forgive, she thinks everything is fine.

Which, I guess, will have to do. Because sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can't get through to some people.


*Lissa* said...

Aw, that sucks. But you said your peace (piece?), and that is awesome! If they don't get it, there is nothing more you can do, other than beat them over the head with a stick.

WOOT for Porn!

Karena said...

of course, now that you've typed the words underage Asian girls, you'll be flooded with spam!

Glad you've made peace with the crap you were dealt. I, too, hate confrontation, yet hate being treated like a doormat. It's a conundrum.

Christie O. said...

yep, i'm with lissa! you did what you could. yay for the porn spam, hahaha! i got one too, still haven't had my nasty comments but i'm not looking forward to that one!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the milestone! Boo to pissy people! We love you!