A (Not So) Productive Morn

Today I had the distinct privilege of sitting through a three hour mandatory unemployment class.

What did I learn?

That every single skill I've developed over the last ten years falls into an over saturated job market.

Great. Legal assistant (which I will never do again, so help me God)? Declining. Real estate? Big surprise here - declining. Administrative, in general? Flooded.

Fabulous. Seriously, how depressing. I've been thinking of going back to school. But I mentioned I was thinking about a teaching degree - and guess what?

Yeah. Teachers are getting laid off all over the place.

That said, I feel very lucky that if we have to, we can make it on B's income. It will suck, and it will be a challenge, but it's not impossible.

You make do, right?

And, the morning wasn't a total loss. I got to watch the young lady (using the term loosely here) sitting next to me fall asleep, drool and do the head bob through the entire three hours.

Man. That brought me back to 8 am chemistry class in college.

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april said...

I think of going back to school too, then I think of homework and classes and paperwork, and I think...no thanks.