Hooray for Healthcare!

I got some great news the other day.

As of next month, I will have health insurance.

You heard me. I've been uninsured for almost 7 harrowing months. I've been knocking on a lot of wood and trying to relegate my 'dangerous' activities to things that would be covered by homeowners or auto insurance.

So, when I found out I can go to the doctor again, or the ER if I need it, or can get a prescription filled without getting a second mortgage, well, I kind of cried a little. Not right away, but when I was driving to the grocery store and I realized I could get a flu shot.

Not that I've ever gotten a flu shot before...but it's nice to have options.

But as a relatively healthy person, it makes me so empathetic for those who can't afford health care. To feel nervous about getting sick all the time is not cool. At all.

So, here's to a bit of GOOD news! Finally. I was starting to feel a bit like Debbie Downer. Waahh, wahhhhhhh.


tinycandi said...

Oh I understand how you feel! I was without health insurance for about a year...and with my health problems I really worried about it. You don't always realize just how much you (might) need it until you don't have it!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Health insurance is a blessing to be sure! Congratulations.

april said...

Congrats! Health insurance is SO expensive. I know, I work for 'em. (Don't hate me!)

Christy - The Sisterhood said...

OMG! We have private insurance because my hubs owns his own biz, and it's so expensive (but necessary). I'm so glad you're covered again, hooker!!! Big sigh of relief, no doubt!!!

Heather D said...

April, I have been to the dark side. I used to work in auto insurance. Specifically claim litigation...