I need to preface the following photo with these facts:

1) This was taken down the street from my house. We do not live in the mountains. We do not even live in the country. We live in the 'burbs.

2) There is no chance we're going to get caught in any kind of flash flood - we're on a hill.

3) The one time I saw this vehicle actually driving, it was struggling to make it up said hill. And it was blasting some sweet gangsta rap (and I had it all pegged for some good ol' Toby Keith).


Textbook definition of compensating for lack in 'other' areas. Ya dig?

The end.


Christy - The Sisterhood said...

SWEET. I need one of those bad boys. For realz. I do love the occasional gangsta rap, too.

that's the story of my life... said...

NICE!!! Love it!