P.B. & Hysteria?

I was listening to the radio yesterday on the way to work and a columnist named Joel Stein from the L.A. Times was being interviewed and one of his columns came up called 'Peanut Allergies - A Yuppie Invention.'

I found some of the ideas he brought up quite interesting (peanut allergies more prevalent in affluent populations and there has been an 18% increase in food allergies between 1997 and 2007). Even more interesting were angry comments posted after the column - and if you google 'Joel Stein' and 'Peanut Allergy', there are all kinds of blogs and even a counter column in the LA times blasting him for his opinion on the subject.

While I think he was probably insensitive and would most likely have a different opinion if I discovered my son had a food allergy, I do think he raises some valid points. And it definitely made me wonder if as a society, do we LOOK for things to worry about? That we are so fortunate in the quality and choice of our food that we become hyper finicky (no gluten! no refined sugar!). We are very lucky to have such bounty that we are allowed to be so choosy. Have a look at this article - peanut butter saving lives? Something to think about...


Andrea said...

I love the whole peanut butter project. I saw something about it last year I think and it makes sense! I have noticed I have a lot of friends who have kids that are allergic to peanuts. I find it odd since I only know one person my age who has peanut allergies. There has got to be some reason it is more prevalent.

Vrieling Mom said...

Thanks for the post!!