I Think its Contagious.

I have been following Andrea's sleep trials and tribulations for the last little while, feeling terrible for her and hoping and praying my little G would continue to sleep fairly well. Well, my friends (pardon the McCainism), my days as the mama of a good sleeper seem to have come to an abrupt end.
Granted, G has been sick off and on for the last month. But you'd think maybe that would make him more tired, thus sleep more. NO. This is not the case.
I used to put him down with just slight resistance at about 7-7:30 at night. Then he'd wake up probably about 11 pm and then again at about 3:00 am. I would shuffle into his darkened room, take a quick sniff for a potentially poopy diaper, and then quickly nurse him back to sleep.
But to my great chagrin, for the last week, G has been waking up at 3:30 or 4 am and refusing to go back to sleep. I try to nurse him, he arches his back and does the limp noodle. I rock him (standing up only) and he will doze off but will bounce up like a spring as soon as I lay him in his crib. I leave him in his crib to cry it out (yes, I've resorted to this) and he screams until I go rescue him. And this child can scream for a LONG TIME. Till he's hoarse. I tried to bring him into bed with me this morning in a desperate attempt to get a little more sleep and not only angered the person who shares the bed with me, but also G, who threw himself around and screeched angrily. So we got up. At 4 am.
The only thing I can manage at such a ridiculous hour is to let the child watch Jack's Music Show. I have no idea what to try next. Ideas? I'm starting to resemble a zombie and let's just say my demeanor is suffering due to lack of sleep (read:crabby beyotch).

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Andrea said...

I was just about to post on facebook that I was crying like a baby... but really, we know what a baby cries like and I'm not doing THAT. I am so sorry about G's sleeping!!!! And I say that with the deepest sympathy. Oh mama, I've been there ;) All I can say is when you come up with something you are going to try, stick with it fully for a few days. If you don't see any results then you can try something different. Kids are stubborn and he is loving all the extra mommy time so he is not going to give it up easily. Just stick to the routine you establish. You might need to call in the reinforcements (daddy) for night time. If it is you George wants then send him dad. Maybe he won't be quite as exciting and he'll go back to sleep easier.