Diggin' the Duggars

I've obviously had a little going on, because I never got around to mentioning that the Duggar's had their 18th child on December 18th. Yes, her name starts with a J (Jordyn-Grace). Notably, she was born via C-Section. I would think that the 18th child would literally just walk out.
So I'm wondering if Michelle and Jim Bob are expecting yet again. It's inevitable, right? I can't even imagine being pregnant for about 14 years (17 pregnancies - 1 set of twins). Ugh. UGH!
Anyhow, I was on their site and they have a whole section of recipes. If you are very into canned condensed soup (mushroom, chicken, etc) I highly recommend it.
I also learned what Bragg's Liquid Amino is - it sounded like something you'd put in the laundry. But I guess it's like soy sauce...who knew?
So, I am impatiently awaiting the announcement of Duggar child 19. Until then, eat up that tater tot casserole.


brokengrateful said...

Actually they have two sets of twins - fraternal twins Jana & John-David and identical twins Jeremiah & Jedediah.

Heather D said...

I stand corrected ;) Still pretty impressive!

Vrieling Mom said...

I love canned anything!! i have about 20 cans of cream of somehting lurking in my pantry!!

Heather D said...

I have way too many recipes that call for Cream of Mushroom. Thanks Mom!

Laurel said...

Just found your site from Tiffiny's.

Thanks for the link. I've never seen the Duggar site.

As the Mama of 13 children, I, too, use Cream of ___ soups, and we do use Bragg's. I'm sure I will like trying some of their recipes.

As for "when have you felt old" ... you are still young ... very, very young ... When I play with my two 7 year olds, I try to feel young. Then, when I realize I have 6 young adult children, I feel old.

Laurel :)

Heather D said...

Laurel - I am impressed. I need tips, because 1 is kicking my butt!
Ok, I now need to start a post for Cream of Mushroom recipes!