In Times Like These...

Let's face it. Things kind of suck right now. I'm possibly staring down the barrel of unemployment, I can hardly turn on the news and SOME CHICK IN CALIFORNIA WHO ALREADY HAD SIX KIDS HAD IN VITRO AND HAD 8 MORE. The world is crazy.

So, some days I need to blow off some steam. Here are a few of my favorite sites that get me laughing out loud. You know, they say it's the best medicine. Laughter that is. I love cliches.

Passive Aggressive Notes - makes me feel like I'm back in college.
Totally Looks Like - high-larious and also very creative at times.
Go Fug Yourself - because it's fun to laugh at celebrities.
The Onion - an oldie but a goodie. For those of use who AREN'T SARCASTIC AT ALL.

Anybody else have any sites they turn to when they need a little chuckle - or uproarious laughter?


Andrea said...

this one always makes me laugh. http://itsalmostnaptime.blogspot.com/2008/08/im-still-not-laughing.html

megant599 said...

I am in love with Dooce...and the great thing is that I only found her this year (thanks to you) so there's always back-blogging I can read when I'm feeling down. BTW there are apparently going to be 8 more people on the planet with VERY BAD JUDGEMENT!