I love Halloween. But every. single. year. I put off creating a costume till the last minute.

This year is no different.

Now, I need to come up with something by Friday night, for my husband's work party. I am at a total loss.

I've never been big on the 'sexy' costumes. As in, naughty nurse, slutty police officer - you know, the unfortunate standards. I prefer something silly or witty.

The last time I officially dressed up, I was 'THAT' bridesmaid at the reception: you know, dress ripped and on backwards, messed up hair, missing a shoe, cried off makeup, carrying a wine bottle with a straw and the crushed bridal bouquet I hip checked the other women to catch.

I've been Sporty Spice (yes, my friends were the other Spice Girls). I've been a Fairy Princess, complete with a wand, huge poufy skirt, wings and glitter to throw at people (cause THAT isn't annoying).

My best costume ever? Probably in the fourth grade when I dressed up as an old lady - saggy boobs, one of my Grandma's old shift dresses, a gray bun, glasses on the tip of my nose. It was exquisite.

So. What should I be? I NEED HELP. AND QUICK.

And, what was your best costume ever?


Andrea said...

What a coincidence, I'm working on a "how to make a last minute ladybug costume" post :)

Do yourself a favor, just go as a Def Leppard fan.

Money Jenny said...

Want to be a big giant packet of Splenda? Still got that costume...and the red "topknot" wig to go with it!

Sarah said...

I'm not into sexy naughty costumes either. I usually go for characters. My favorite has probably got to be the Corpse Bride, and my husband was Victor.
This year I was Minnie Mouse and my son was Mickey, and on Halloween I am going to be Ariel, husband Prince Eric, and son Sebastian the crab. I go for themes. Hahaha.

Wait scratch that, I was a killer Bride of Frankenstein about 10 years ago, and my husband (then boyfriend) was Frankenstein...yep that's my favorite.

megant599 said...

We went as a biker couple. Him with the shirt that said "If you can read this, the B$!#% fell off" and I went with ripped vinyl pants and road rash...it was really fun because he didn't have to go overboard and I got to!

Hmmm your bridesmaid "costume" reminds me of somthing. Can you say bride's younger brother??

Heather D said...

Megan - let's just say I used the same dress.
Ha ha ha.

~Mendie~ said...

one year i went as a lampshade, glued some mardi gras beads for straps and at the bottom a la Christmas Story. It was fun!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

i love the bridesmaid idea. I am a halloween all star, yes I said it.