Belly Laughs.

So I haven't laughed much lately, but I've got to give props to The Office last night.

I laughed out loud. And cried a little at the end. Cause seriously? Jim? Does such a man REALLY exist?

'I was waiting for my wife'. SOB.

I used to be a hardcore believer that the British version of The Office was superior. I have a weird little crush on Ricky Gervais (he is a genius). Though Steve Carrell is brilliant, Ricky Gervais is painfully hilarious.

So, yeah, this anglophile is maybe converting. The Yankee version, it's growing on me.


~Mendie~ said...

that teared me up when I saw the preview too...and I don't even watch the show!

Melissa said...

Chris and I loved it too. Don't tell anyone, but we both teared up during Jim's speech. And how great was their spoof on the You Tube video? Awesome.

Mommy Mo said...

OMG, I teared up at the end too. I heart Jim.