A Meme Saves the Day

Mendie (who is just the sweetest thing) over at The Little Ladybug That Could tagged me for a fun little meme today. And thank God for her, because I clearly am having the most colossal fit of writer's block EVER. So Mendie, you're my hero tonight!

Without further ado, ten things you probably don't know about me.

1) I hate cotton balls. They make my skin crawl. Even worse? That cotton they stuff in your mouth at the dentist...is that necessary? REALLY?

2) I absolutely, positively cannot whistle. Many have taken it as a personal challenge to teach me, but I am unteachable. I think it is physically impossible.

3) I consider condiments a food group. I have at least 30 residing in the door of my fridge. My current favorite? Hoisin sauce.

4) On the subject of condiments, I have been known to drink pickle and olive juice. Digusting? Possibly. Delicious? HECK YES!

5) All of my animals have human names. Our dogs are Carl and Sadie, and our cats are Boris, Bridget and Violet. Why we have five animals is another issue entirely.

6) My husband suggested our son's name (which I will divulge here this once - George). I agreed, after a while. It grew on me. Many asked if he was named after someone, as it's quite old fashioned. I always thought no, we just picked that name. Well, I found out months after our son's arrival that he IS actually named after someone, per my husband - Ken Griffey, Jr., whose real name is George Kenneth Griffey, Jr. However, I like to pretend he is named after George Clooney.

7) I love MMA and UFC. I know. How embarrassing for me.

8) I would eat McDonald's soft serve every day if I could.

9) I do not find either Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt attractive. And yes, I am heterosexual.

10) I still hold the girls high jump record (5'4") at my high school, according to my mother, who still checks on a regular basis (glory days!).

I would tag some peeps, but my brain hurts and, let's face it, I'm LAZY tonight.

Yeah, I said it. LAZY.


Andrea said...

Think you could still jump over me?

april said...

All of my pets have human names too. And I have old names picked out for children, should that ever happen, but let's not go there, k? Thanks. ;o)

Sarah said...

We have human names for our pets, and I have you beat in the animal department. Here's a few names for you, Forrest (yes named after Forrest Gump), Miles, LaVerne, Bogart, Oliver, and the rest I will not list because then you will know how many pets I have. Muhahaha.

Heather D said...

Andrea, I wouldn't even try to jump over you, because we'd both end up in the ER. But we'd have a good story.

Andrea said...

Surely that wouldn't happen until after a few too many drinks.

~Mendie~ said...

Ahhh.....no you're sweet!

I too have trouble seeing the awesomeness in Tom Cruise. Except in Top Gun...he was hot in Top Gun.