Summer in Pioneer Square

I'm peering out my window at the viaduct, scarfing some lunch (spinach salad from the dodgy downstairs deli). Let me first say, I probably have one of the best seats at work. While I work, I have a view of Elliot Bay AND the city, including the space needle. Today is absolutely spectacular.
I must say I really love the summers down here in Pioneer Square. Okay, there are some things I can do without. Like the smell of pee radiating off the hot pavement. Or the homeless guy by my parking lot who likes to forgo pants when it gets warm.
I really do think Pioneer Square gets a bad rap. I absoultely think it is unsafe down here after dark - don't get me wrong - but during the day, it's just fine. I love to stroll the three blocks down to the Elliott Bay Book Co., then hit Magic Mouse toy shop. Have bento at Imo. Pioneer Square honestly reminds me of a bigger, cooler Fairhaven. Great restaurants, unique shops, and very unique people.
I'm hearing rumors they might move our office south to the main building on 1st (the old Seattle Sears building with the huge Starbucks siren on top). I'm praying they don't. I would really miss being down here in the thick of things.

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