I Miss the Good Old Cheese Graters.

I heard about this on the radio today(the joy of an hour long commute - talk radio) ...people sticking their feet in a tub with a bunch of tiny carp that EAT THE DEAD SKIN OFF THEIR FEET. I want to know what possessed someone to hatch this gem of an idea.
Then I remembered hearing something about a bird poop facial. They charge $200 for this sh*t. Pun intended.
I totally need to rethink my career choices...I've got a back yard full of dog crap....there's got to be something I can doo (ha ha) with that.


megant599 said...

Did you see the bucket list? Maybe you can feed your dogs peaches and use the poop to make tea?!?! LOL
And btw, carp....gross

Heather said...

I heard that they want to start having the carp do this all over the whole body... Yuck I would be afraid they would go places they were not supposed to.