I just found out Friday that one of my bestest-besties is pregnant with her first child. This now means that in the next six months I know of six new bundles that will be arriving. Right now the count is: 1 boy (lucky, lucky boy!), 3 girls and 2 TBD. Crazy!

On the whole subject of crazy, I saw an
article about a couple up in Abbotsford, B.C. who just had their 18th natural child in 23 years. No multiples, no adoptions. I'd figure after about baby 10, her uterus would go on strike. They say they are 'letting God guide their lives'. I say they are letting certain - ahem - body parts guide their lives!

I guess the
Duggars are no longer the 'biggest family in the world'. Though that claim must be up for debate, I'm sure there are larger. But wait...they just announced #18. So they'll be caught up to the Abottsford couple, at least for a few months.

I became semi-obsessed with watching the Duggars when they had all their specials on Discovery Health. I have to admit, the whole organization (which, with 17 kids - 1 on the way - is how you'd have to classify their family) is fascinating. But as interesting as this massive family is, it's also a little disturbing. When does all this breeding become irresponsible? Sure, they apparently can afford to have all these kids, but at what cost to the children? How much attention can two parents give 18 kids? And to that end, if you are so compelled to have so many children, why add a few adopted kids into the mix?

I really shouldn't feed the beast and watch their shows, but it's like a train wreck. I can't stop. Help me!


Andrea said...

I read a couple articles recently about how having children, especially more than 1 (which is how many the author had obviously) was irresponsible and bad for the planet. I'm not sure about that but 18 is freaking crazy! And seriously, what about all the kids out there that need homes? But then again, I'm having more than my 2.2 kids or whatever it is so I guess I can't talk...

Heather said...

Three kids isn't bad. Eighteen is ridiculous!

Andrea said...

I haven't stopped yet... HA!!! Shoot me if I get to 18.