Things That Annoy ... First of Many Editions

Stupid Band Names.

Where do I start? I will refuse to listen to a band simply because I find their moniker irritating.
It's completely ridiculous but something I do nonetheless.

For example - Finger Eleven. What? This annoys me mostly because they're probably trying to be clever. Like an extra finger? But humans only have 8 fingers. TWO THUMBS. Thumbs are not fingers. Therefore this band's name is not only neither clever nor edgy, it's anatomically incorrect.

Next: verb/noun combo band names. Flogging Molly. Breaking Benjamin. Meh. Don't like. Can't tell you why, just don't. Same goes for movie names in this vein. Chasing Liberty. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Irritating.

There are so many stupid band names I could go on forever. But I'll end on a positive note. I generally like band names preceded with a 'The.' The Killers, The Beatles, The Kooks, The Shins. Classic band naming. I'm a traditionalist.

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