Is it Sad That Babies R Us is My Favorite Store?

Today I'm accompanying my friend Lisa to Babies R Us. She needs to register and is seeking my counsel as to what she'll need - she and her husband Dylan are expecting their little boy, Finn, in September.
It's so funny, less than a year ago I remember being in the exact same predicament. What the heck do newborn babies need? Since I'm up at 5 am with my darling child and my brain is barely functioning I think I'll make a list of what I've found to be necessary and useful thus far. Here goes...

Cloth diapers: Before you think I actually am ambitious enough to use these as actual diapers, I'll divulge the truth - I use them as burp cloths, pee pee shields and for while my son is breastfeeding since he dribbles a lot. I probably go through 10 of these bad boys a day.

Baby Bags: Well, that's what we call them at least. I think they're actually called sleep sacks. We were so paranoid about what my son slept in during those first weeks, and these fit the bill.

Lap Pads: Multiple uses, but favorite so far is on the changing table - protects the changing pad cover so you have to wash it less often.

Old School Desitin: Not the fancy new 'creamy' version. A nurse explained to me that the creamy wipes off to easily while the old stuff stays on indefinitely - protecting baby's sweet little bum much better.

Totally Toddler - This stain remover is the bomb! Seriously, I've sprayed it on what I've thought are hopelessly soiled onesies and they've come out of the wash brand new.

Boppy Pillow - I honestly don't know how I would have breast fed without it.

Breast Pump - This one works great. Was a life saver during my son's left breast strike. You don't want to know. Ouch!

Onesies - I love them...my husband hates them - thinks they're too hard to put on. But this was an essential layer of clothing for baby during the winter. Carters are my fave - seem a little softer, plus they're better for long torsoed kiddos like mine.

Jammies that zip rather than button - These are tough to find, but I hate all the buttons. Zippers make late night diaper changes so much easier!

Breast pads - No one tells you how much you need them. And you will. Trust.

Good nursing bras - I like these. You will not regret investing in good, supportive bras once your milk comes in and you're walking around with huge piles of pain on your chest!

I know there's more, but these are some of the things that saw us through those first weeks. Plus tons of coffee and a freezer full of frozen, pre-made dinners.


Andrea said...

Can I add Lilypadz? I don't know if that is how you spell it but they are those silicone nursing pads that basically stick (though not really sticky) to you and you just rinse them out and they are good as new. The best part is they lay flat and look WAY better under clothes. I didn't find them until the second time around and I'm not entirely sure about what they are made out of. Since I'm a bit more conscious of that these days I'll have to look into that...

Heather said...

I have those too...I use them on occasion and I think they're great, but probably work best on people who don't overproduce like me (seriously, it's crazy). I pulled one off one time and there was a veritable tidal wave of milk. Attractive! I think since things have calmed down a bit I'll have to start using them again.

megant599 said...

I LOVE this list!!! you are a riot! but this is important stuff. I think you should publish it in some sort of real woman's baby book!