Near Death Experience!

I guess the title's a little misleading. The story goes like this:
I was driving home from work this last Monday on Highway 99. As I was emerging from the viaduct, a pretty terrifying experience in itself, something hit my windshield. As I scanned for the inevitable chip (there was none), I noticed that the object that had hit had been pushed down by my wipers and was hanging out down at the base of the window. I couldn't quite make out what it was, but it was gold...no definitely not a rock.
I pulled in the driveway at home and almost forgot to check - but I glanced over as I passed the front of the truck and the gold glimmer caught my eye. Any guesses what it was?
So either someone was shooting in my general vicinity or had been hunting (with a handgun?) and it flew out of the back of their truck when they hit a bump. I'll go with the former, it's more dramatic. Plus, if you're at all familiar with the area the casing came from, you'd probably concur.
I've been watching the news for any stories about a shooting in the area. None so far. Just really hoping I'm not holding some kind of evidence in a crime...

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