I have always had problems keeping up with writing in a diary or journal. I had one diary that lasted me from third to seventh grade. I would fervently write for about a week, then you wouldn't hear a peep from me for about six months. I started a journal when I traveled abroad. It has two entries.
What all my self reflective writing has in common, besides it's rarity, is how hideously embarrassing it is when I look back at it (it does get less embarrassing and more funny as I get older). So I was delighted when I ran across this book called Mortified
(http://www.getmortified.com/book/) during one of my many lunchtime field trips to my new favorite bookstore, The Elliot Bay Book Company (http://www.elliottbaybook.com/). Mortified is a deliciously humiliating compilation of journal entries, letters, stories, etc. that have been graciously released for publication. Some of the stuff these kids (now adults) wrote is just so painfully funny it's almost difficult to read. When I first read the book, I was on the train and had to stop - I was laughing so hard I looked crazy.
So, since most of my girlfriends are turning 30 this year, I decided this would be my gift of choice for all of them. I'm pretty sure that some of the notes we passed back and forth in junior high would make the cut for this book - I'm positive my diary entries would. But I don't quite think I'm ready to divulge my dorky past. Maybe later.

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