Houston, We Have a Screamer

Apparently I jinxed the heck out of myself by proclaiming I have an easy baby.

Yes, my sleepy little angel has been replaced with Fussy McScreamerson. It all started a few weeks ago. I mentioned her fussiness at her two week well child visit, thinking maybe I'd have to give up dairy or that the doc would recommend gas drops.

But he whips out a prescription for an antacid. Thinks she has reflux.

I was not convinced. Her symptoms simply don't show reflux. But I told him I'd try it. Two weeks in and nothing. In fact, I'd say it's (whatever 'it' is) worse.

Last Thursday I called and left a message for the nurse asking if I could stop with the reflux meds.

The great news is that the nurse that called me back is also a lactation consultant...I didn't know my pediatrician's office even had one. I spoke with her at length.

Here's the thing: I've always been an overproducer when it comes to breastfeeding. Sounds like a great thing, right? Yeah, not so much. The lactation consultant directed me to an article on the La Leche League website that addresses problems surrounding overproduction of breast milk. The basic take away is that baby gets too full on the lactose rich fore milk and never gets the fatty hind milk. This leads to gas, horrible poops and overall fussy baby.

And seriously? Reading the list of symptoms and effects on baby? It was like reading a word for word description of both of my kids.

So, since Thursday I've been following the article's advice on how to make sure baby gets the right balance of fore milk and hind milk while trying to curb my crazy Bessie boobs.

I've noticed a little improvement in baby. She still has a witching hour...okay, hours. So I'm not ruling out colic.

But I'm hoping once I get the milk factories to stop working overtime, we will see more improvement.

Cause I know I'm not cool with the colic. Eff the colic.

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Andrea said...


Roo said...

Yikes. That's tough. Stay strong, Mama!

*Lissa* said...


Is she very gassy? Like she seems in pain from the gas? BB was like that for the first few months of his life and I wanted to jump through a window. Finally, someone told me about some exercises to do with him and it really worked wonders. We would bend his legs and move them in a circular clockwise direction. Let me know if you want to me show you exactly what we did. I will send you a quick video.

Hang in there!!


Bethany said...

Hi, I jumped over from "sisterhood!" So I was having a similar issue between the hours of 6 and 10pm...it was a nightmare! My friend recommended Gripe Water, all natural made of Ginger and Fennel. I bought the Little Tummys brand. It really has seemed to help and we have not had one of those screaming matches in a couple of days. I usually give him some around 3pm and then if he seems fussy I will do it again around 6pm. Just a thought ;-)And the exercises always help...he even smiles at me when I do them, but we all know the reason for the smiles!

Money Jenny said...

Dude...got the pic of the babe today. Gorgeous.

Been a while since I've been to your blog to stalk around...and hey, me thinks I'm going to have to keep your food blog up for you...you haven't posted since 2010??? (joking, I dropped my blog a LONG time ago so who am I to judge?).

Look forward to seeing you and the kids (plural now!) when you're in the Ham some time.