Happy 4th and Stuff (Mainly Stuff About Screamy Baby)

It's July 4th already. This summer is going by way too fast and with far too little sun for my liking.

But today, it's perfectly gorgeous outside. Which for Northwest Washington on the 4th of July is extremely rare...possibly a sign of the apocalypse.

The explosions in our neighborhood have been consistent for about a week now. Nothing says patriotism like blowing stuff up, yeah? I'm so glad neither my children or my dogs seem bothered. Cause then I'd totally be that neighbor calling the cops.

Funny how lack of sleep and a fussy baby will make you the crazy, stick in the mud neighbor.

Just so you know, I've been blogging in my head for weeks. It's just that none of it makes it here. Typing whilst rocking a screaming baby is impossible.

I have still yet to pinpoint why my babe is so screamy. I'm off dairy, she's on reflux meds. I'm considering going gluten free for a while to see if that helps. I know that MY body seems to function better when I'm not eating wheat.

Here's what I'm scared of: she's simply a high need baby. That's Dr. Sears' nice way of saying super duper don't ever put me down fussy. (I'm reading The Fussy Baby Book right now and it's like it was written about my child. Shoot.)

The best way I've found to cope is to wear her. All. The.Time. It works, and it frees up my arms. I've been using my Moby Wrap, which G calls the 'pocket.' If the babe is crying, G says 'Mommy, put baby in her pocket.'

And I do.

So basically, I'm totally morphing into a crunchy mama.

Breast-feeding, co sleeping, cloth diapering, baby wearing. It's kind of awesome to realize that getting back to the basics is do-able, even for a domestic flunky like me.

And cloth diapering is saving us so much money. Which rocks.

I have so much to write about. Probably boring stuff, but I get to do a lot of thinking whilst pacing.

And I'm mastering typing on the iPad while moving.

Multitasking is awesome.

- Posted from my iPad while baby wearing!


Kirsten said...

I like the crunchy Heather. And I loved cloth diapering and it saved a ton of money over the 2+ years before potty training my youngest. I'm sorry she's high maintenance. Maybe that means when she hits 2, she'll be mellow. One can dream, right?

Roo said...

Sorry about the fussy baby but at least wearing her soothes her. It will get better. But you know this. :)

*Lissa* said...

Tell that little girl to knock that crap off, k?

Sorry things are tough!! I hope brighter days are coming soon!

Tiffany S said...

So sorry about the screaming baby. My baby has been so easy (and no, I'm not bragging) that I'm terrified that when I have another one, there's going to be some screaming going on! Oh, and I totally need to get back to the cloth diapers. I started out with a bang, but then we had some leaks and I lost it. :)

AnnG said...

I totally can relate. That Other Kid was not happy unless he was attached to me. I slept in a rocking chair for the first 2 or 3 months of his life! I couldn't do ANYTHING without having him scream unless I was holding him! You become very good at multi-tasking! Hope this phase doesn't last too long!