Late Breaking News: Va Jay Jay Wand Works!

So I'm reading the title to this post and it sounds a lot like I'm writing about a sex toy. But I'm leaving it, cause I want people to be all disappointed when they come here to perv out and I'm talking about the gender of my unborn child.

You all are sick. Sick, I say!

Anyhow, I'm very late getting here to report that we are, to the relief of many family members, having a girl child. And don't get me wrong, I'm beyond thrilled. Over the moon (gag). But I have to be honest...all the boy hate had me a little up in arms and indignant.

Moving on, though. Moving on. I'm a little over halfway through this pregnancy. I don't know if it's the extra girl fetus estrogen, but I have to admit, I've been a weepy mess. Yeah, I know pregnant ladies are emotional, but I can barely even turn the television on these days without getting verklempt. Have you seen those 'Foundation for a Better Life' spots? Brutal. BRUTAL.

My little G has been sick since Sunday. There is nothing worse than the look of terror on a little kid's face when they throw up. I think he's on the upswing. Now here's to hoping I don't get sick. Where's the Purell?

This little post is going to be, well, little. Cause little dude is waking up from a nap and I've got to resume coaxing him to eat. Next up?Popsicles. For him too.


imadramamama said...

It's a GIRL!!! Yay!!!

And I'm sorry G sick. That sucks.

And you're having a girl!

Have a popsicle for me.

Roo said...

Dammit, woman. I wanted a sex toy review.

Congrats on the girl. They're a bundle of joy. Mmmm, sometimes. :)

Mommy Mo said...

You. crack. me. up. I'm glad the va jay jay wand works. I was beginning to wonder about that, ha!

~Mendie~ said...

hope he feels better, i am not in a hurry to have to see the bean deal with sickness when they grow up. enjoy the Popsicles!

I am however in a hurry to find out if its a boy or girl....maybe I should start waving the va jay jay wand!

Karena said...

Congrats, Heather! So excited for you! I'm with you on the boy hate thing. I hear people so relieved they're having a little girl and have to wonder, what do you have against little boys? I wouldn't trade mine for anything!