It's Almost Christmas and I Haven't Kicked Anyone (Yet)

Something very strange is happening to me this year.

I'm enjoying the holidays.

Maybe it's because I actually feel pretty prepared this year. I don't think I am actually more prepared than usual, I just decided to give myself a break this year.

It probably has more to do with my son actually getting excited over Christmas this year. He loves the tree and is showing it by letting it remain upright, rather than pushing it over and removing the ornaments. We read 'The Night Before Christmas' every night, and he has it memorized. He plays constantly with his nativity scene. We went and saw Santa and he was SO excited he actually behaved.

It is so cliche, but so true. Reliving Christmas through your children can somehow smother the Grinch.

Admittedly, I'm still dreading some family functions, but honestly? There are relatives I dread seeing no matter what time of year. Like the one who eyeballs me in horror and wonders out loud how I've gained so much weight (uh, I'm pregnant?). Or the one who compares my son to her grandchild who is three months younger and potty trained and why isn't G potty trained and you really need to get him potty trained before the new baby arrives.

I would like to add that that particular relative will bombard me with this 'advice', then in the same breath add that her daycare potty trained her child because she couldn't handle it.

And then, we have the numerous family members who are obsessed with me having a girl this time round. Not even joking, I think they will be literally angry with me if I have a boy.

I'll see what I can do. Monday is the 'big' ultrasound, so maybe I can wave my magic wand and guarantee a vagina.

If not, I'm seriously considering calling in sick to a few upcoming functions.


Brooke said...

personally if i were going to train the older kid to do something it'd be training him to change his baby sister's (dear god please let it be a girl!) diaper.

my MIL is baby boy crazy. what she doesn't know is that she'll be lucky to get any grandkids, much less put in a gender request.

glad you'reenjoying the holidays and not letting it get to you. keep at it. smile, say something hateful, then blame it on the hormones :P

Anonymous said...

LMAO! If you could guarantee a vagina, that would be awesome.

Families can suck sometimes, no doubt.

But I'm glad that G is (re)teaching you the wonder of the season!

Roo said...

Oh this post made me giggle. Wave that wand, Mama. Because we KNOW you control the gender {insert eye roll}. Whatever happened to being happy the baby was healthy? Glad you're in the holiday spirit and enjoying it with the G man.

Tiffany said...

Monday, huh? Bet you're excited to find out. Hope that baby doesn't have legs crossed! :)

Hillary said...

I love this post. I'm pregnant with our first baby (a little boy) and I swear my mom and mother-in-law both sounded disappointed when I told them. They were convinced we were having a girl (even though there have been 15 boys born in a row on my husband's side of the family and the odds clearly were stacked against us). And they both swear they weren't disappointed -- at all -- but I KNOW what I heard.