Pat, I'd like a F for $1000.

This is probably not what my mom intended when she sent these magnets to my son.

But it pretty much sums up my week. Hoping it gets better.


april said...

True story: My cousin's kid was in a church daycare when he was 4. The teacher was giving a lesson on letters. "Class, what word begins with the letter A?" Class responds, "Apple!" ... "Class, what word begins with the letter F?" My little cousin yells, "F***!"

My cousin and his then wife were called to the office that day.

CraftGirlAlli said...

Sorry you're having a bad week. But the picture made me giggle! Made me think about my college days...we had a fridge covered in those and it was always interesting to wake up the morning after a party and read the fridge lol.

Audrey said...