Let's Call A Spade a Spade

Generally speaking, I don't get too much into current events on this blog.

But really, I just have to say something after that train wreck press conference Tiger
douchebag Woods held this morning. I mean, awful. I had to turn the channel about half way through.

What I need to say is this: PLEASE STOP ATTRIBUTING YOUR BEHAVIOR TO SEXUAL ADDICTION! What ever happened to accountability? Do you mean to tell me your penis is magnetically attracted to the same type of woman, over and over and over again? If you were a little more, say, diverse with your 'indiscretions', I'd be a little more inclined to believe you. But continuously choosing women with implants, lucite heels and drawn on eyebrows leads me to believe you have a distinct type porn stars - I don't think sex addicts have a 'type'. I think they'll pretty much nail anybody with a pulse.

Come on, now.

You are a man whore. You were caught. Back when I was in college, we had a name for you: an asshole.

End of story.

Your poor wife is standing by while you pretty much place blame on something other than yourself.

Shame shame shame.


Andrea said...

I didn't see it. Was she really standing by? The end of any shred of respect. WHY DO WOMEN DO THAT? I'm fine if you want to stay and work it out and what not, but the whole "my wife stands by me so should you" press conference is the absolute worst.

Heather D said...

No, she didn't attend. At least. She is metaphorically 'standing by'. I'd like to see her literally take him for all he's worth. Working it out would have been ok before he started acting like his genitals are out of his control. But now? Check ya later!
His mom was there, and a bunch of others. Barf.

Ms. Diva said...

I couldn't bring myself to watch!! Having been there, done that, there is nothing he can say that will make what he did ok!! For goodness sake! He has children he needs to think about!!!! HIs wife needs to put her big girl panties on and get the hell out of Dodge! It's not she has to worry about alimony and child support, like most of us!

Andrea said...

I can't imagine trying to work it out in this situation (or really, any) but I am SO relieved she wasn't there!