Hoarders: Accessory Edition

It started about a month ago. I was up visiting a friend in Bellingham (My hometown - or the largest town nearby to where I grew up. Also known as the city of subdued excitement. I'm not kidding) and after we got our hairs did, we had a nice little lunch and ended up doing some shopping.

We were in this adorable, trendy little shop and I was feeling terribly old. And out of style. I decided then and there I needed to update myself somehow. And that somehow was accessorizing.

Truth be told, I suck at accessorizing. I have my ears pierced, twice, yet I never wear earrings. I had a brief tryst with necklaces that came to an abrupt halt when I realized that I didn't want to be strangled by my toddler while trying to be fashionable. I will not wear watches or bracelets because they make my wrists look weird...in particular, they bring attention to my hairy arms (I am convinced they are so hairy because I tried to shave them once when I was 7).

So basically the only accessory I wear regularly is my wedding ring.

For some reason, that afternoon, a little voice in my head said YOU MUST START WEARING SCARVES.

And so it began. Introducing my first scarf.

Hi, I'm a dork. That is all.

Since then, I've kind of lost the plot. Old Navy has reasonable, super cute scarves and I can't seem to control myself. Like, at all.

Last count I was at twelve.

Intervention, please?


Kirsten said...

Uhm, we don't get to see all 12? How do we know you are really hoarding then?

Heather said...

Kirsten - I may have to bring them to San Diego. Maybe I will have enough for each of us hookers to WEAR ONE.

april said...

I love you. Seriously, we need to figure out some way to hang out.

Heather D said...

April, maybe you should check out Seattle as a place to move! You're welcome anytime!!

Audrey said...

You're so cute. :)