Fifteen Things

So Andrea tagged me to admit fifteen things about myself. I would nominate others to continue this game, but I don't know who all reads this! Identify yourselves!

This was interesting. Reading through these now, I think I sound a little psycho. Great.


1. I can't stand touching cotton balls. This includes the cotton they put in medicine bottles. I need assistance getting that god awful stuff out.
2. I am fascinated/terrified by serial killers. This is really morbid, I know. The one I find most interesting is Jack the Ripper. My favorite tour in London was the Jack the Ripper one where you visit all the sites where bodies were found.
3. On that note, I love horror films, but do draw the line at the Saw series. I am more a connoisseur of suspense horror - all time fave is The Shining, but Halloween is a close second. And anything with vampires - I can't wait for the Twilight movies!
4. I can remember anything that is inconsequential. Such as, the outfit I wore the first day of fifth grade - purple ruffle skirt mad of sweatshirt material and matching puff painted sweatshirt with a built in collar (shut up). However, I can never remember to pay my bills. Online bill pay saved my life!
5. All of the animals I have or have had are named people names.
6. My mother let me have both of the following hairdos - permed bangs with straight hair in the back (kind of a perm-mullet) and straight bangs with perm in the back. Child abuse.
7. I really love old houses. I mean, over a hundred years old, at least. I would love an old farmhouse. And even better if it has one or all of the following: a root cellar, a laundry chute, an attic or secret passageways! For now I'll survive with our almost 50 year old rambler and it's lame crawl space.
8. I started going gray at 16. I remember someone leaning over on the bus on the way to a track meet or a basketball game and plucking it out. I am now probably 50% gray.
9. I pretty much consistently burn myself when I bake. I have a glorious jelly roll pan scar on my forearms in honor of each holiday season.
10. I was platonic friends with my husband for five years before we even dated. We met when we were 18 and I was attached. Then when I was single he wasn't. See a pattern?
11. While I was living in England I developed a taste for some really craptastic music. One of the highlights, however, is Tom Jones. He is most definitely NOT craptastic. I am plotting to someday go to Vegas and throw underpants at him. He may be up on stage with a walker, but I'll bet that man can still gyrate! What's new pussycat? Whoaaaa whoaaaaa whoaaaa!
12. I like to read in the bathroom. Not sitting on the toilet, but I'll actually go in there, turn on the space heater and sit on the floor. I used to read in the bath but I don't get to take those anymore.
13. I can clean a fish really well.
14. I tend to hoard things. It runs in my family. I'm a bit better than my mother and she is a little better than hers. But it is an illness!
15. I am the champion of trivia games. I challenge anyone! See #4 above. I remember all things useless!

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