Twelve Days & I'm Officially Panicking.

Please standby for a nervous breakdown, in:

5. The nursery isn't ready.
4. My house looks like it vomited on itself.
3. Did I mention the nursery isn't ready?
2. My three year old is sensing imminent and huge changes in his up until now blissful and unchallenged princedom. It's not going well.


I'm kind of going back and forth between acceptance and HUGE, irritable 'I'm 38 and a handful of days pregnant and things aren't just the way I want them and someone MUST PAY' rage.

I know my body is ready to be done being pregnant. I hurt everywhere. I have heartburn so bad that it makes my ear canals burn when I belch (which is all the time). Clothes are uncomfortable and I may start wearing caftans. Mrs. Roper chic...it's the hotness.

Mentally, I'm not ready. For some reason, my surroundings - i.e. my house - have to be completely prepared before I will let myself accept we're bringing another baby home. Logically I know that she's coming home no matter what and will not care if all she has is a bassinet, clean diapers and a boob.

But I care. Mucho.

Tomorrow, I have my second to last OB appointment. Yes, folks, this baby is coming whether I'm ready or not. And the way I'm carrying? I have a sneaking suspicion she may come early. Hold on, little girl. I need you to stay put till May 9. Do not deviate from the plan.

Looky here...mommy and daughter already butting heads. Yikes. Hopefully not a sign of things to come...


Brooke said...

{{{{heather & baby}}}}}

Kirsten said...

First? I'm gonna give you a hug. (((()))). Next I'm going to tell you that if they listen to you about when to come, they will never listen to you again. Take my word for it. My youngest, who is now 5, is thatexactly.

I'm so sorry that your nursery is not done and that G is starting to feel the change.

Know that you're loved. That you little girl will be loved. And things will work out.


*Lissa* said...

Breathe, skankymomma, breathe. It will ALL be okay. Trust me. We were totally poor when I had all our kids and I never had a nursery. I had to pile kids and cribs together and somehow it just worked out. I don't think any of them are too traumatized by it. ;)

You are strong and awesome and you will continue to be that way no matter what life throws your way.


ZDub said...

I wish I could come help you! I would make that nursery my bitch! I've been thinking about you, hugs.


Thea said...

Thing 1: Deep breath. Belch. Then another deep breath.

Thing 2: I'm sorry about the nursery. You always have the t-shirt I suggested as a backup plan! : )

Thing 3: I think there still may be Office Pool potential if you think you might have Little Miss C early!

Thing 4: We love you.