Dewey Decimal is An A-hole.

I've been working on budgeting better and was looking at expenses - and noticed that hoooo doggies, I spend a lot on books. Too much.

So I decided to get me a library card. I found our local library system online and signed up - and the card came in the mail yesterday. It said all I needed to do was show up with picture i.d. and my card and I'd be golden.

Here's what I forgot about public libraries. Since I actually haven't set foot inside one in um, ten or so years.

You can't find shit.

That is, unless you're good friends with Dewey Decimal. And believe me, I would have no problem getting reacquainted with him, but stupid me, I brought my toddler to the library with me. I thought he'd be awestruck by all the books. That he'd sit down in a little beanbag chair and pore over all the wonderful picture books.

[Not my kid]

I had a rude awakening when I was reminded that my child is not, and will never be, that child. A library child. He's more of a let 'em loose in WalMart child. A park child. A circus child. Not a 'quiet place' child.

Especially a quiet place with a ginormous fish tank.

FIIIIIISSHHHHHH!!! Fish! Mommeeeee, fish!!

Yeah, I see them.

I figured out pretty quickly that the little list of books I wanted to find, so neatly tucked inside my purse, would be staying put. No books for me today.

We went directly to the children's section. Where my son decided to lie down on the floor and roll around. I grabbed for a couple books that looked semi interesting, scooped him up under my arm and made for the checkout counter.

All the way there, he made a racket. Mommeeeee! Books!! BOOOOOOKKEEEEES! Even the men at computers hunched over the free internet (porn) stopped and looked up.

My saving grace was that there were a few 'recommended' books right by checkout. And one was, in fact, on my little list.

Thank you God. I hope you don't mind me picking up a book that has 'blue balls' in the title. It's been a rough day.


april said...

I was going to say, G has REALLY grown! ;)

~Mendie~ said...

wow...looks like your japanese spammer his wise words this time...wierd.

anywho, our library has an online catalog where you can search for stuff and reserve it online and pick it up at the circulation desk, we do it all the time with DVDs. might want to check on that when George is being...well George. (good thing he's adorable!)

Kirsten said...

I was going to say the same thing Mendie did. Check it out online, they call when it's ready, you go and pick it up. The end. Awesome.

Heather D said...

I am SO over the spammers. Damn them.

Money Jenny said...

In Oklahoma, that's what we call a "Code D". Code D was a WalMart high-alert code that meant this little kid named Delbert was in the store, slashing and tearing his way through the toy aisles. I kid you NOT. Not to scare you or anything about your kid's reputation around town...

Audrey said...

My 2nd one is THAT child, as well. :)

imadramamama said...

Yeah, we don't go to the library anymore, LOL!

I agree with Mendie and Kirsten. Reserve then pick them up. And I also leave my kids semi-unattended. I can see the circulation desk from the kids section so I drop them off at the kids computers and then walk over to check myself out.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.